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Business Context

Fix a bad redesign

New York Road Runners maintains a database of all race results going back to 1970. After a recent redesign of the system, users reported greater levels of frustration. My task was to tweak the design to allow for easier navigation of the site.



98% of traffic

was either on the day of a race or the day immediately following one


Use Case Hypothesis
Runners searching for their posted results
UX Solution
Place the most recent race on the landing page, allow multiple spaces as races can occur simultaneously
Allow users to search for themselves on a prominently featured search bar.

UX Solutions

NYRR Landing
Landing Page

This layout improves upon the previous design where most major functions such as search, race listings and navigation items were hidden below the fold.

NYRR Race Overview
Race Overview

The race overview page allows quick confirmation of the navigational flow, while also displaying contextual stats about the race. By moving as much data as possible below the sub-header more area is freed up on the other tabs. Users frequently complained about understanding what to do on this page. To address this I changed sub-header from a dropdown to a tab style of navigation. Additionally, large illogical infographics where replaced with smaller simpler designs.

NYRR Finisher Results
Finisher Results

The list of finishers has been enhanced with more visible controls. Most users will search for themselves using the prominent search box. Those looking to filter or view results for wheelchair races will find those options more easily.

NYRR Individual Result
Individual Result

An individual's result used to function as an accordion, now it lives on it's own page. This allows for sharing, requesting corrections and a more predictable user experience.

NYRR Runner Page
Runner Page

Wasted space is reduced and universal navigation eases the user flow.

NYRR Search Popup
Search Popup

With options to perform a search from the header icon or from a search box on a page there were too many fractured search experiences. With a universal full screen popup all searches have the same UX.