Business Context

A component of Voyant's Second Line eSIM product using Dual Sim Dual Standby (DSDS)

On newer iPhones such as the iPhone XR, a second phone line can be provisioned using eSIM technology. Built into the native phone app is the ability to handle both lines and visually differentiate them. However, the native phone app is not able to retrieve voicemails from both lines.



Without the financial or time resources to recruit external participants we asked our colleagues to fill is as research subjects.


Insight: Most users receive few if any voicemails, except for a small group of power users
For the vast majority voicemail is an antiquated means of communication. However, a small group of users in sales roles it still plays an important role.
UX Solution
Design an elastic inbox that responds based on unopened voicemails.
Insight: A significant proportion of voicemails are accidental
Robocallers often leave voicemails of a few seconds in length
UX Solution
Create monitoring for volume and duration to filter spam.

UX Solutions

Elastic Inbox
For infrequent receivers of voicemail we expand the information visible from the inbox
For frequent receivers we collapse the information visible from the inbox.